Wicksteed Lake

Welcome to Wicksteed Lake, Ontario.

Wicksteed Lake is located 20 minutes from Olive the Lake Lodge in Marten River. Wicksteed Lake is among the dozens of lakes that surround Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge. This incredible lake is known for its big bass and quantity of walleye/pickerel catches. The average size of pickerel range from 12 to 16 inches, perfect eating size, although there have been monsters as well.

For those that have the ability to bring their own boats. Wicksteed Lake has many islands and NO COTTAGES. Marked to be a camping lake only. The Ministry has closed this lake during the winter months. A truly amazing fishing lake that can be reached from Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge in about 20 minutes.

Wicksteed Lake – Walleye/Pickerel, Bass, Pike, Perch 

– Rating : 5 Stars!
– Access: Easy
– Structure: This is a very structured lake
– Requirements: 4×4 Truck or 4 x 4 Automobile
– Location: This lake is located 20 minutes from Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge

Guide: Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge can arrange for a guided trip to Wicksteed Lake
if you do not have your own boat.

Hire a guide! – Cost from $175.00 per person
Minimum of 2 adults – Shore lunch included

12 Richfield Road Marten River , Ontario P0H 1T0