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Current Weather North Bay, Marten River, Temagami Ontario

Although the weather is known to be vicious in the winter months, the summer months in the area are beautiful. Tthe temperatures can get as high as 35 degrees during the summer months. Olive the Lake is truly peaceful, completely untouched by man, you don’t see this type of property too often. The best times to visit North Bay, Marten River, and Temagami is from May to October.
During the winter months, our area can get as cold as -40 weather making it very cold to do anything 🙁 Olive the Lake has listed weather in Northern Ontario North Bay, Marten River, and Temagami.

Weather OntarioWeather in Northern Ontario, North Bay, Marten River, and Temagami, camping/cottaging can be very cold and wet especially during the rainy season. Most camping gear is made from synthetic materials and because of this fact, there are no worries if you are prepared. Natural fibers absorb water which drastically changes their insulating power as well as increases the weight of the material – do no bring cotton. Once cotton is wet it is very difficult to get it dry outdoors, unless the weather complies with the campers wishes, which is almost never the case. Being prepared for all different types of weather is very important, this ensures you enjoyable time even in harsh weather.

Olive the Lake is located in a horseshoe bay which is covered by large trees to keep our cottages cooler during the hot summer days. With the right knowledge, equipment, and supplies camping/cottaging can be an enjoyable experience for anyone. It is a safe and interesting way to enjoy the great outdoors. Nature has created some beautiful sights for those determined enough to find them.
Book with Olive the Lake today and experience the fishing vacation you deserve and enjoy the summer Weather in North Bay, Marten River, and Temagami.

North Bay, Marten River, and Temagami are located 4.0 to 4.5 hours from Toronto on Highway 11.

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