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Dave & Cara Smetana

About the Owners – Dave & Cara Smetana

Our journey to Olive the Lake started one Saturday morning in March of 2014 while we were watching an episode of our weekly hunting show. This episode was being filmed at Olive the Lake. The previous owner came on and started describing the property, the cottages, and the lake. We looked at each other and said ‘We could own something like that!’ Cara has always wanted to run a bed and breakfast, and Dave has always wanted to run a hunting and fishing lodge. This was the best of both worlds!

Fast forward to September 2014 and we came across a listing for Olive the Lake. After we stopped laughing at ourselves thinking back to the couch that morning in March, we thought this had to be fate.

Dave grew up in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, with a passion for the outdoors. From the time he was old enough to fish and hunt, he was always out and about. He’s been a guide for many years. The outdoors is where he thrives. Owning his own security business for the past 16 years took him away from his passion, but it was always inside of him. Cara grew up in northern Ontario and has always loved the fresh air and the friendly northern atmosphere. She moved to Ottawa to attend college and has been in the city ever since.

Having four boys who love camping, hunting, fishing, and anything to do with the outdoors, we made the decision to leave the city life behind and move to Marten River, on a lake with nothing but nature’s beauty surrounding us. The best part is being able to share it with all of our visitors and guests. We are committed to providing all of our guests a vacation to remember. We look forward to hosting you and your family and friends in the near future.

Welcome to Olive the Lake Fishing and Hunting Lodge… We are very excited to meet you.

12 Richfield Road Marten River , Ontario P0H 1T0