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Walleye and Pickerel Fishing

Walleye at Olive the Lake in Marten River, Ontario are also called walleyed pike, pickerel, jack fish, dore, and ol' marble eyes. The sides of the walleye are olive-green with gold flecks. The spiny dorsal fin lacks spots, but has a black rear base. The lower lobe of the tail has a white tip.

Northern Ontario Walleye are strong fighters, they stay deep and wage a determined battle. Walleyes are light sensitive. They have a layer of pigment in the retina of the eye called the "Tapetum lucidum". Because of their light-sensitive eyes, they bite best around dusk and dawn, at night, or in cloudy weather. Popular baits and lures include minnows, night crawlers, leeches, jigs, spinners, and plugs, especially minnow plugs.

Most numerous in large, windswept natural lakes of moderate to low clarity, they can also be found in smaller lakes, reservoirs, and rivers and streams with moderate current. Walleyes prefer clean, hard bottoms and water temperature from 65 to 75 degrees F.

Primarily fish eaters, walleyes also feed on immature and adult aquatic insects, leeches, crayfish, snails, and larval salamanders. Except in waters of low clarity, they feed most heavily in dim-light periods, especially when light levels are fading rapidly.

Northern Ontario Walleyes have been known to live as long as 26 years. Females typically grow much larger than males. World Record - 1960 - 25 pounds, caught in Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee.

Olive the Lake in Marten River, Ontario holds a lake record of 14.9lbs. Stop fishing around for your fishing vacation, bring the family, your best friend, your son or daughter. Olive the Lake offers a fishing vacation everyone should enjoy.

Because walleyes are popular with anglers, fishing for walleyes is regulated by most natural resource agencies. Management may include the use of quotas and length limits to ensure that populations are not over-exploited. As one example, in the Province of Ontario Zone 11, the walleye slot for Olive the Lake is 16" (38 cm) may be kept everything over 16" must be returned to Olive Lake for future breeding. - See MNR Zone 11 rules and regulations.


"Walleye chop" is a term used by walleye anglers for rough water typically with winds of 10 to 25 km/h (6 to 16 mph), and is one of the indicators for good walleye fishing due to the walleye's increased feeding activity during such conditions. In addition to fishing the "Walleye chop", night fishing with live bait can be very effective.

"Walleye Jig" is another very effective approach for catching the fish. Simply tie on a 3/8 ounce jig and attach a minnow. Lower the jig to the bottom of a sandy bottom stream and slowly move the jig up and off the bottom.

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