Tempur-Pedic in Marten River

Tempur-Pedic Hotel/Lodge in Northern Ontario Marten River

Tempur PedicTRY BEFORE YOU BUY at Olive the Lake.

From the horse/buggy to the automobile, the rotary dial telephone to the cell phone, the typewriter to the computer. Incredibly, through the changes the bedding industry has remained virtually the same since the introduction of the innerspring mattress in 1925…until now! Tempur-Pedic unique formula senses the body temperature, displaces the weight evenly over the surface of the mattress, improving circulation as well as allowing blood to flow more freely.

When you sleep on our Tempur-Pedic mattresses, the spine & the joints rest in their natural positions. By relieving the muscles & nerves, you sleep more peacefully.

Cottage Environment
Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress is found at Olive the Lake & each of the Cottage Bedrooms have single or King mattresses. Olive the Lake - a cottage experience is proud to be a Tempur-Pedic hotel getaway. Enjoy while you sleep in, as Olive the Lake is truly a relaxation getaway.

More responsive to your body, more personalized comfort TEMPUR® material responds to your body’s unique shape, weight, and temperature, automatically adapting to support your body. So whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach (or change positions during the night) the mattress conforms to you. You get the exact support and comfort your body needs. Fewer pressure points, less tossing and turning, our Tempur-Pedic mattresses reduce pressure points—those spots where your body presses against the mattress (like your shoulders, hips, and heels).

Pressure points trigger discomfort, so your body shifts position—otherwise known as “tossing and turning”. Without the tossing and turning, you sleep undisturbed for a calmer, more restful night. More even support, more relaxation Tempur-Pedic mattresses adapt to the curves of your body, supporting you evenly. Heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further, while lighter areas sink in less. Even support allows for better alignment, so your body can more fully relax—and you experience deeper sleep. Less motion transfer, more undisturbed sleep TEMPUR® material absorbs your weight and dramatically minimizes motion.

When two people are sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, each is supported independently. So no one rolls toward the middle, and if one of you gets up in the middle of the night, the other is likely unaware. You both sleep undisturbed, and get more hours of rejuvenating rest.

Tempur-Pedic - Olive the Lake - Canada Cottage Testimonials "It takes the cottage to the next level. I don't think I have ever slept so good. I will pass this little piece of paradise on to others"
Hamilton - Ontario

Tempur-Pedic - Olive the Lake - Canada Cottage Testimonials "I haven’t slept a full night since my pregnancy with my 3 year old until the stay at the cottage. NEVER FELT BETTER! The cottage was great! After looking, we decided that this was far better. Kids loved it too! The cottage was warm and very inviting….not to mention the ample sunlight in the cottage. We will be back next year!"
Moosonee , ON, Canada

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Located in Marten River, Ontario - 4.5 Hours North of Toronto
1-705-892-2204 or info@olivethelake.com or Request Info