Red Cedar Lake- Marten River, Ontario

Red Lake Cedar

Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge - a cottage expereince located in Marten River is surrounded by dozens of lakes. For those that have the ability to bring their own boats, you have more than one choice when it comes to bodies of water.

Red Cedar Lake is the largest of all the lakes in its's an amazing body of water! The small inlets and large open water carry all species of fish. Some areas of Red Cedar Lake gets to depths of 100 feet or more, especially in the north channel. If you bring your boat to Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge, Red Cedar also has an amazing launch. Olive the Lake Fishing Lodge will give you a map to Red Cedar Lake's launch and it's body of water.

Red Cedar Lake

Red Cedar Lake - Walleye/Pickerel, Bass, Pike, Perch, Lake Trout
This large heavily structured lake known for its numbers of quality walleye/pickerel, bass and large Pike. You may even catch the elusive blue pickerel.

- Rating : 4.5 S tars!
- Access: Easy
- Structure: Must have a map, this is a very structured lake
- Requirements: 2 wheel drive Truck or Automobile
- Location: This lake is located 10 minutes from Olive the Lake
- Guide: Olive the Lake can arrange for a guided trip to Red Cedar Lake
- If you do not have your own boat hire a guide- $150 per person
- Minimum of 2 adults - Shore lunch included.

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Located in Marten River, Ontario - 4.5 Hours North of Toronto
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