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Perch fishing is something that all people enjoy. What a great fish to eat for breakfast! This little guy as the largest mouth span of any fish it's size.


Perch is a common name for fish of the genus Perca, freshwater gamefish belonging to the family Percidae. The perch, of which there are three species in different geographical areas, lend their name to a large order of vertebrates: the Perciformes, from the Greek perke meaning spotted, and the Latin forma meaning shape. Many species of freshwater gamefish more or less resemble perch, but belong to different genera. In fact, the exclusively saltwater dwelling red drum is often referred to as a red perch, though by definition perch are freshwater fish. Though many fish are referred to as perch as a common name, to be considered a true perch, the fish must be of the family Percidae.

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Light yellow background with 6 to 8 dark, vertical bands on sides

  • Two separate dorsal fins  

  • Mouth large, extending to below the middle of the eye


  • Yellow perch are commonly found in the Great Lakes drainage and have been introduced to waters beyond their original range. They tolerate a variety of temperatures and habitats and are widely distributed throughout the province.

  • Perch are most numerous where there are areas of open water and moderate amounts of vegetation. They often share habitat with species such as walleye and bass.

Angling Tips:

  • After ice-out in late April and early May, perch are plentiful near shore, where they spawn. Fishing weedlines and large, flat sandy or silty areas with scattered vegetation near deeper water pays off through the summer. Perch are comfortable in bright light and do not see well in dim light. Schools of perch begin feeding in mid-morning and they may continue to feed off and on throughout the day. Schools break up during the evening.

  • Perch are usually found near the bottom. Light slip-sinker rigs or split-shot and a hook with a worm or small minnow are all you need to catch them.

Common Baits: 

  • Small minnows

  • Earthworms

  • Grasshoppers

  • Insects and flies

  • Small spinners

  • Small tube jigs or twister tails

All information is pulled from the MNR -

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