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Ontario Moose Hunting
Ontario Moose Hunting can be an exciting part of the total hunting season, Ontario moose with a full spread of antlers is the most imposing animals in all of Canada. You have to understand the mere size of these beasts. The Ontario Bull Moose can weigh up to 600 kg in most of Ontario Canada.

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Moose Hunting
During the Ontario hunt the search for moose begins, in fact the true Hunting begins! There is nothing more exhilarating than the Ontario moose hunt. I personally just started to hunt in Ontario in 2006 and I have grown a new respect for those that can sit in a tree stand for 10-12 hours a day and don’t go mad! Hunting is like meditation but for the entire day… You try to keep your mind focused on the hunt but it tends to wonder, and by wonder I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE. Just waiting for moose to come through your path is a task on its own but when they do! HA! It takes a skilled hunter to remain calm while he/she is moose hunting in Marten River, Ontario. Book with “Olive the Lake” for your Ontario Moose hunt!

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Ontario Hunt
In colour the moose varies from dark brown, almost black, to reddish or grayish brown, with grey or white leg "stockings." The albino moose is  Ontario Moose Hunting In late summer and autumn, a mature bull carries a large rack of antlers that may extend more than 180 cm between the widest tips but that are more likely to span between 120 and 150 cm. Moose hunting in Marten River is exciting. It seems that the Moose tend to congregate in the North Bay, Marten River, Temagami areas. Ontario Moose Hunt  - Moose “mature animals” usually shed their antlers in November, but some younger bulls may carry theirs through the winter until April. Yearling bulls usually have spike antlers, and the antlers of two-year-olds are larger, and usually flat at the ends. Moose grow antlers each summer and shed them each autumn.

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Moose Hunting in Marten River
Located 4.5 hours from Toronto, Marten River is a very popular spot for moose hunting. I know when the season opens as the moose hunters are traveling up highway 11, some heading to Marten River and some farther north. Hunters that hunt in Marten River tend to hunt off of Rabbit Lake road which is where the wild game preserve ends.

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Located in Marten River, Ontario - 4.5 Hours North of Toronto
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