Pike Fishing Ontario

Pike Fishing Ontario

Pike Fishing Ontrio in Marten River has dozens of big Northern Pike fishing lakes to travel to. Northern Pike are most often olive in colour with shading into yellowish or white on their belly with short, light bar like spots on the body and some dark spots on the fins. The lower half of their gill cover lacks scales and they have large pores on their head and lower jaw. Unlike the similar-looking muskellunge, the northern pike has light markings on a dark body background and less than six pores on the underside of its jaw.

Pike Fishing Ontario grow to a relatively large size:Northern Ontario Pike lengths of 150 cm and weight of 25 kg are not unheard of. The largest specimen so far was caught in an abandoned stone quarry, in Germany, in 1983. She was 147 cm (4.8 feet) long and weighed 30.5 kg (67 lbs). The longest pike was 152 cm (5 feet) long (weight 27.5 kg, 60.6 lbs).

Northern Pike

are found in sluggish streams and shallow, weedy places in lakes, as well as in cold, clear, rocky waters. The pike generally hide in wait for prey, holding perfectly still for long periods, and is then capable of remarkable acceleration, sometimes propelling itself a metre into the air (though it rarely leaves the surface). It catches its prey sideways with its sharp teeth, in order to kill it, before turning lengthwise to swallow. It eats mainly fish, but on occasion small rodents and ducklings have also been known to fall prey to pike. It is moreover a cannibal and this cannibalism serves in maintaining stability in the pike population. Young pike have been photographed eating pike of a similar size. Northern Pike also feed on minnows, small fish, insects, and leeches, and have a tremendous appetite.


PikePike Fishing Ontario at Olive the Lake's in Marten River, Ontario holds a lake Record Northern Pike of 15lbs. Northern Pike Fishing in Canada is an exciting adventure, book your stay with Olive the Lake and hook into your lunker this year. View our cottages or our rates. If you have any questions please contact us.




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