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Northern Ontario Cottage RentalsOlive the Lake, the Boreal Forest and all its creatures….

Olive the Lake sits in the Boreal Forest and is the perfect place to observe countless types of wildlife. From tiny birds to gigantic moose, and everything in between, see wildlife in its purest surroundings.

Do birds of a feather really flock together? They do in this section, where we’ll give you a sampling of the 462 species of birds you’ll find across Canada.

And where do most birds gather in Canada? In British Columbia, where you may find 362 species, and in Ontario, where 318 species regularly appear.

Many of these species migrate to find suitable breeding grounds, more favourable temperatures and food supplies in winter. Some of them travel great distances—in the fall, many Canada geese make the trip from the Arctic to parts of the United States, sometimes covering more than 1 000 km in one day.

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Mammal Fact Sheets

Here is a list of mammals you may see in Northern Ontario

Canada Lynx Black Bear
Canada Lynx Black Bear
Beaver Beaver Little Brown Bat Bats
Chipmunk Chipmunk Coyote Coyote
Marten Marten Moose Moose
PorcupinePorcupine RaccoonRaccoon
Red FoxRed Fox Snowshoe HareSnowshoe Hare
Striped SkunkStriped Skunk Swift FoxSwift Fox
White-Tailed DeerWhite-Tailed Deer WolfWolf
WolverineWolverine WoodchuckWoodchuck


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